Flood Relief Operation in Noshehra/ Charsada of KPK and Punjab

Flood Relief Operation in Noshehra/ Charsada of KPK and Punjab
Aug 26, 2010

It is kindly informed that care and welfare teams of Customs Health Care Society volunteers and doctors are busy in relief work in the cities of Khyber Pakhtun Khwa inundated by floods since 29th July 2010. We were the first to reach the worst hit areas and drowned cities of Noshera & Charsada & help the flood victims physically as well medically. More Than 15000 patients with different ailments like diarrhea, scabies, other infections and injuries have so far been treated in our camps besides distribution of relief goods worth millions.

We have been working in flood hit areas of Noshera, Charsada and their suburbs. The flood victims are in great pain and misery. Their agony is increasing day by day. The diseases like skin infections (scabies) diarrhea, gastritis are on the rise. Scabies and diarrhea have already become epidemic. While working in the villages Dogana, and Khwaishge of Noshera we witnessed that putrefied dead bodies of Buffalos, cows, horses and donkeys lying on the roads and in the fields. Ever since 29th July 2010 when the poor inhabitants and these animals were hit by the flood, without any prior warning. Nobody has bothered to dump these bodies so that the flood victims could be saved from further pain and agony in the form of diseases. However our team members took the pains to do the job, and with the help of locals we were able to dump the bodies of animals in order to save the population from further misery and pain in the form of infections.
The Care & welfare Teams of Customs Health Care Society (CHCS) also visited the flood hit areas of Sindh and Southern Punjab where besides conducting medical camps and vaccination of the children five truck loads of relief goods were also distributed.
Most of the affected persons are afflicted with different diseases. Due to unavailability of clean drinking water, the water born diseases like cholera, typhoid, hepatitis A, shigella, diarrhoea, skin infection are on the rise. Most of the children are hit by diarrhea and chest infections. Skin eruption in the form of contact dermatitis are rampant. Every 2nd person is hit by skin eruption of one type on the other. Breast feeding mothers are unable to feed their children due to non availability of proper & balanced diet. The break up of different diseases in different age groups is given as under in respect of the 15000 patients treated in our medical camps.
Age wise breakup.
children (1 month to 15years) 6000
Men (16 years to 80years) 3800
Women (16 years to 80 years)5200

their complete rehabilitation. Relief center has been established at the Lahore-Swat Maternity Home run by CHCS at basic health unit, Sri Bahlool, Takhtbhai Mardan, KPK from where all our medical & relief teams are operating. Relief goods including medicines can be directly send to the center. For donations the account no. is Health Care Society, Account No. 5448-9 ( Bank Code: NBPAPKKa.02L – 1887 ) National Bank of Pakistan Moon Market. Allama Iqbal town Branch, Lahore . All donations to the society are exempt from payment of income tax as notified by FBR vide letter No: I & E/145/1082 dated 21.05.2007.
For Further detail visit our website http://www.welfareclinic.com.pk/

Dr. Asif mahmood Jah
Customs Health Care Society
449-Jahanzeb Block, Allama Iqbal Town .
Lahore – Pakistan

Phone: 092 – 042 – 3784 7008, 092 – 042 – 3783 1655
Cell: 092 – 0333 – 424 2691

E-mail: asifjahjah@yahoo.com


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2 Responses to Flood Relief Operation in Noshehra/ Charsada of KPK and Punjab

  1. Waris Ali says:

    Well done and keep it up doctor sahib.
    All the best.

  2. Asif Jah says:

    JazakAllah my dear

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