Story of Kiran And Nadeem:

Kiran and Nadeem 7 & 8 Years of age, students of our newly established school belonged to Basti Muhammad Wala Sharqi. On 23rd May both the children returned happily from school. Mother was preparing food. Suddenly a thunder storm came. The wind was blowing at the speed of 100 Km/hour. The fire from the CHULHA (makeshift burner) spread within minutes. It engulfed everything. Mother immediately jumped out with her two little daughters(4 and 1 yeas of age). Nadeem embraced his sister Kiran and tried to run outside but the flame of the fire did not allow them to escape. Hearing the screams of his Children Sadiq Hussain (their father) jumped in the fire to save his Children. Within no time both little souls were burnt to ashes along with their dreams. People took out Sadiq Hussain who has aslo multiple burn injuries. The teams of Customs Health Care Society visited the place of incident on 27-May-2011, provided relief and financial support to the bereaved family. In this fire the whole basti consisting of 8 houses has been burnt. CHCS intends to re-construct this Basti.
One house costs approximately Rs. 150,000. For donations, Account No. Is 5448-9 Health Care Society, National Bank of Pakistan, Moon Market Branch Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Bank Code: 1887 (Swift Code: NBPAPKKAA02L). All donations to the Society are exempt from payment of income tax as notified by FBR vide letter No: I & E/145/1082 dated 21.05.2007.

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One Response to Story of Kiran And Nadeem:

  1. asifjah says:

    By the grace of Allah we have been able to build a new house for the bereaved family.

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