Ghulam Hassans and Asghari Mais need your attention

Ghulam Hasan was living happily with his family before 209th July 2010 in his mud house. The July 2010 floods devsted the most part of Southern Punjab. The mud house of Ghulam Hasan was swept away with all his belongings. He along with his 5 kids and wife has to live under open sky for months.
By the grace of Allah & kind support of philanthropist’s brothers/ sisters from Pakistan / Abroad, we have been able to provide much better accommodation to Ghulam Hasan and 400 similar families.
Ghulam Hasan is now happily living in his furnished new house, but many Ghulam Hasans & Asghari Mais are still living without shelter and needs your attention. One house for a family consisting of 8~10 people, costs Rs. 125,000/= (1436 US Dollar). The Ajar to donate during the Holy month of Ramadan is seventy times more as compared to other months.
For donations, Account No. Is 5448-9 Health Care Society, National Bank of Pakistan, Moon Market Branch Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Bank Code: 1887 (Swift Code: NBPAPKKAA02L). All donations to the Society are exempt from payment of income tax as notified by FBR vide letter No: I & E/145/1082 dated 21.05.2007.

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One Response to Ghulam Hassans and Asghari Mais need your attention

  1. Hasan Khan says:

    Although it was really hard job for me to work like you and your team but I really miss that time period. May Allah bless you with happiness. You really deserve the priceless joy of making those in suffering feel better. Dr Hasan Khan. Chicago, IL.

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